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PAKIET ARCHITEKTURA Architecture in English + Reading Companion for students of Architecture

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1. Architecture in English

Autor: Ilona Wojewódzka-Olszówka

Opis: Reading and vocabulary practice for students of architecture


  • Chapter 1 Generally speaking
  • Building materials
  • Construction
  • How places affect people
  • Chapter 2 A bit of history
  • Reaching for perfection – a greek temple
  • The challenge of marble
  • Fusion of opposites
  • Rome – imperial city of concrete
  • Triumph of the curve
  • Imposing order on nature
  • The architecture of christianity
  • Romanesque architecture
  • Gothic architecture
  • Gothic cathedral
  • Renaissance architecture
  • Baroque architecture
  • Chapter 3 A shop of curiosities
  • Frank Lloyd Wright – organic architecture
  • Frank Lloyd Wright – the victory of structure
  • Japan – in harmony with nature
  • Petronas towers – double fantasy
  • Emergency shelters
  • Canvas sculptures
  • Vertical gardens
  • Cemeteries
  • Chapter 4 Communicative activities
  • Communicative activieties
  • Chapter 5 Additions
  • Additional reading texts
  • Chapter 6 Glossary
  • Glossary
  • Pronunciation guide
  • Bibliography
  • List of pictures

2. Reading Companion for students of Architecture

Autor: Kulińska-Stanek Sandra, Półtorak-Filipowska Alicja

Reading Companion for Students of Architecture by Sandra Kulińska-Stanek and Alicja Półtorak-Filipowska is aimed at students at intermediate and more advanced level of English. It has been designed to teach, practise, consolidate and revise key lexical areas in the language of architecture. It can be used as a self-study book or as supplementary material in class.
In Part I the units for the lower level include Units 1–3. The units meant for the higher level include Units 4–9.
In Part II Building with Earth, Ebeling House (B1+), Picture Window House, Urban Sprawl (B1+) are intended for the lower level while the Units for the higher level include Simple Tricks to Transform the Look of Your Home, Modern Mosque, Journey to the Centre of the Earth (B2+), How Skyscrapers Work and Reading No 8.
Each unit consists of reading part aimed at improving comprehension skills of ESP (English for Specific Purposes), followed by vocabulary practice, with a strong focus communication.



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